Bunny Blake

(202) 695-2323 sonicforest@gmail.com

With over 20 years software development experience, strong writing and communication skills and a passion for creative multimedia, I am excited to help bring your project to life.



Designer / Developer

Designed and built a new website for the popular webcomic Achewood. Converted an aging server from a PHP / database site to static html for greater performance and security. Added responsive design and mobile-specific layout.


Designer / Developer

WordPress theme customization for a German language filmic arts website, including setting up analytics, SEO, etc.

NYC Office of Students in Temporary Housing

Application Developer

Developed WordPress plugins to add multilingual access to a resource site for the NYC Department of Education. The site was expanded to translations in ten languages in reports generated via NYC's public OpenData API.

Special Circumstances

Application Developer

Built and maintain an informational / promotional website for an InfoSec company. The site is built in Jekyll, with an eye towards the client being able to push new content via MarkDown (.md) files.

Janet Jay

Developer / Designer

Set up and provide ongoing support for a WordPress blog for a journalist and chronic pain advocate. This includes SEO, analytics, and keeping the site connected with the ever-changing landscape of social media.

Kit Steele

Developer / Designer

Responsive WordPress site for a professional painter/illustrator, including image galleries.

She Freelances

Developer / Co-Designer

Built and co-designed a promotional site for women and non-binary freelancers in the DC metropolitan area. Over 100 freelancers have signed up to promote themselves on the site, which was built using a custom Wordpress theme and the wp-job-manager plugin.

Black Student Fund

Consultant/ Educator

United States International Trade Commission (USITC)

Developer / Administrator

Full stack development in a diverse network architecture including Linux, HP/UX and Windows servers hosting Oracle and MS-SQL databases, driving applications written in Java Server Pages, Perl and ASP.NET. Involved in requirements gathering, project management and testing of the EDIS 2 system, a COTS document management system with users internal and external to the USITC.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Clean, commented code and documentation
  • Source Control via GitHub or Atlassian Bitbucket